Chargers’ Late-Game Woes Continue with 0-2 Start to 2023 Season

The Los Angeles Chargers find themselves in dire straits after back-to-back late-game collapses.

In a recurring nightmare for Chargers fans, the team stumbled once again on the path to victory against the Titans. This unfortunate trend is causing frustration among supporters and players alike.

The Chargers’ 0-2 start to the 2023 season marks an undesirable chapter in their history. While the offense has managed to protect the ball, they’ve struggled to execute in late-game situations, leaving fans in despair.

Justin Herbert and his offensive weapons found themselves in possession of the ball late in regulation for the second consecutive week. Unfortunately, they failed to secure a crucial go-ahead score in both instances.

During Week 1, with less than 90 seconds remaining, Herbert faced intense pressure as his offensive line crumbled. He was forced into an intentional grounding penalty, effectively extinguishing any hope of a comeback against Miami.

Their misfortunes continued against the Titans. Trailing by three points in the red zone, Kellen Moore’s unit couldn’t find the opening they needed for a game-winning touchdown. This forced Cameron Dicker to opt for overtime with a field goal, rather than an extra point that could have sealed a victory.

In overtime, the Chargers won the coin toss but struggled to gain any positive yardage plays. They were ultimately forced to punt the ball to Tennessee. Derrick Henry and the Titans capitalized on this opportunity, and Nick Folk’s field goal sealed the game, pushing the Chargers’ record to 0-2.

The Chargers now find themselves in a precarious position, on the brink of missing the playoffs within the opening month of the season. Their upcoming game against the also 0-2 Vikings takes on increased significance.

The pressure is mounting on head coach Brandon Staley, whose seat has become scorching hot after just two games. As the Chargers strive to recover from their late-game woes, the future remains uncertain, and fans are anxiously awaiting a change in fortune.

Gary Lee

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