Los Angeles Chargers Suffer Second Consecutive Loss to Tennessee Titans

Bolts Struggle to Establish Offense in 0-2 Start to the Season

In a crucial Week 2 clash against the Tennessee Titans, the Los Angeles Chargers found themselves desperately seeking a win. Regrettably, victory eluded them once again, leaving them with a disheartening 0-2 record early in the season.

“With Austin Ekeler out with an ankle injury, the Bolts managed just 61 yards on 21 attempts. Kelley had 39 yards on 13 carries while Derius Davis added a 10-yard run.”


The matchup proved to be a grueling battle for the Bolts, and it was a contest they had a legitimate shot at winning. This loss painfully resembled their season opener against the Miami Dolphins. Adding to their woes was the absence of star running back Austin Ekeler, sidelined with an injury. This setback left the Chargers’ running game in a dismal state, lacking the cohesion needed for success. Throughout the game, they struggled to find any rhythm, resulting in a one-dimensional offensive approach. While young running back Joshua Kelley handled most of the carries, he found it challenging to make significant gains. The Chargers simply couldn’t contend with the sheer physicality of the Titans’ formidable defensive front, a critical disadvantage. The running game had shown promise in the first week, but when pitted against the Titans, renowned for their run defense, the Bolts faltered.

“They’ve got a very good front. Good front seven … we weren’t able to get anything going today,” Staley said.


Head coach Brandon Staley weighed in on the running game and the Titans’ effective defensive strategy. He acknowledged the Titans’ game plan and their near-perfect execution. The Titans’ objective was clear: force the Bolts to rely heavily on passing, preventing them from establishing offensive consistency.

“This is how the NFL works,” Kelley said. “If you’re not locked in, dialed in the whole game, it’s the difference between 0-2 and 2-0.”


With two consecutive losses now in their rearview mirror, the Bolts must regroup and prepare for their upcoming matchup. Next week, they will travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in a showdown between two 0-2 teams.

Gary Lee

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