Los Angeles Chargers’ Defensive Struggles Raise Concerns for the Upcoming NFL Season

Star Defensive End Joey Bosa's Performance Under Scrutiny After Opening Season Loss

For the Los Angeles Chargers to achieve their ambitious goals this season, their defense must step up. While their offense remains one of the NFL’s finest, the team’s defensive shortcomings have become a stumbling block.

Despite the presence of formidable defensive talent, the reasons behind their struggles remain elusive. The Chargers’ defense, under the leadership of head coach Brandon Staley, was expected to be a game-changer. An instrumental figure in Los Angeles this season is defensive end Joey Bosa, who battled injuries last year but is now back in action.

During a recent appearance on the Guilty as Charged Podcast, Shawn Syed shared his insights about Joey Bosa’s outlook for the year. Syed mentioned that Bosa’s added weight during the offseason could prove beneficial as the season unfolds.

However, during Sunday’s opening season loss to the Miami Dolphins, Joey Bosa seemed to be a non-factor. He managed just one tackle in the game and contributed little else. If the Chargers intend to reach their desired heights, Bosa must return to his former glory as one of the league’s premier defensive players.

“My hope with Joey Bosa is that he is able to return to a top level as a pass rusher and I’m hoping we see it more often this year where Bosa is just dumping people and able to get into the backfield.”

Per Syed on Guilty as Charged

Two seasons ago, Bosa wreaked havoc on opposing offenses, amassing 51 combined tackles and 10.5 sacks. The former Ohio State Buckeye possesses incredible speed off the line of scrimmage and can overpower linemen with his sheer strength.

“He has so much lower body strength, so I think that all of it combined, it’s just hopefully better.”

Per Syed on Guilty as Charged

To secure success this season, Bosa must rediscover his dominant self. He’ll have an opportunity to prove his worth as the Chargers head to Tennessee this weekend to face off against the Titans.

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