Chargers’ Defensive Hopes Boosted by Impressive Preseason Showing

LA Chargers Defense Gains Momentum with Brown's Strong Preseason Performance

In 2022, the Chargers’ defensive woes were well-documented, leaving fans and analysts alike yearning for a turnaround in 2023. However, a glimmer of hope has emerged on the horizon, with the team finding a potential solution to their defensive struggles during the preseason. This development could be a game-changer for a unit that faced severe challenges, particularly in their secondary due to injuries, but the emergence of Brown has brought newfound optimism to the Chargers’ defense.

J.C. Jackson’s injury had cast a shadow over the defense’s prospects for 2023, but Brown’s preseason performance offers a ray of hope. He showcased his abilities by excelling in coverage and proving effective in stopping the run – a critical area of concern for the Chargers last season. This improvement could be the key to transforming a defense that had been notorious for conceding significant yardage on the ground.

The Chargers’ defensive frailties were glaring when Trevor Lawrence tore through their secondary, leading an incredible comeback in just one half of play. Brown’s emergence as a potential starter comes as a welcome relief for the LA team. In a season where they aspire to accomplish more than just a playoff appearance, having Brown in top form can make all the difference.


Brown put together an all-around great preseason. On 136 snaps, he posted an 82.4 coverage grade, an 81.5 tackling grade and a 75.2 run-defense grade. He had eight tackles, two run stops and missed zero tackles. He was targeted 10 times in coverage, allowing six catches for 50 yards. Brown also broke up three passes.

via Braxton Howard, Pro Football Focus

As they gear up for their week one matchup against the Miami Dolphins, Brown’s strong preseason showing positions him well for a significant role in coverage. His ability to match up against Miami’s speedy receivers like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle could prove pivotal for the Chargers. While the path to success in 2023 remains challenging, Brown’s impressive start to the season could set a positive trend for the quietly rising LA roster in the competitive AFC.

The Chargers’ defensive struggles in 2022 left many fans concerned, but with Brown’s emergence as a potential defensive star, there is renewed hope. As the 2023 season unfolds, all eyes will be on Brown and his impact on a defense that is eager to shed its past shortcomings and rise to new heights.

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