Justin Herbert Aims High for 2023 NFL Season, Analysts Predict Breakout Year

Bolts' Star Quarterback Sets Sights on Record-breaking Season with Improved Protection and Fresh Offense

In the ever-evolving NFL landscape, the importance of having a stellar quarterback cannot be overstated. As the league increasingly leans toward a pass-heavy style of play, it’s become a nonnegotiable truth that a top-tier signal caller is essential for success at the professional level.

Justin Herbert, the standout quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, is no stranger to high expectations, especially as he gears up for the 2023 NFL season. Recently, an analyst has made a bold proclamation about Herbert’s prospects in the upcoming campaign.

While it’s no secret that Patrick Mahomes, Herbert’s divisional counterpart, is widely regarded as the leader of the quarterback pack in the NFL, Herbert’s journey to etching his name into the record books has garnered significant attention. One critical factor that influenced Herbert’s 2022 season was the absence of Rashawn Slater, one of the league’s premier blindside blockers, which left Herbert exposed on the offensive line.

Bold prediction for 2023: Herbert will lead all non-Mahomes quarterbacks in QBR. Everything is there for him — strong receivers, good pass protection and a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore. Herbert has had an amazing start to his career, but he’ll take another step in 2023. — Walder

via NFL Nation, ESPN

Another setback that likely impacted Herbert’s regular-season performance last year was a rib injury sustained in Week 2 during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. In stark contrast to his 2021 achievements, Herbert’s 2022 season was marked by challenges. However, it did bring a new dimension to his career as he led the Chargers to a playoff appearance, his first in his professional journey. The pivotal moment came when the team secured a late-season Monday night victory against the Indianapolis Colts.

While the ultimate outcome against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs left much to be desired, it fueled the fire of determination in both Herbert and the entire Los Angeles team. In 2023, Herbert is presented with a unique opportunity within a revamped offensive scheme. If he can maintain his health, the Chargers are poised to go as far as Herbert can lead them.

As the anticipation for the 2023 NFL season builds, all eyes are on Justin Herbert. The analyst’s bold prediction only adds to the excitement surrounding the quarterback’s potential for a record-breaking year. With improved protection on the line and a fresh offensive strategy, Herbert’s ambitions are higher than ever, and the NFL world eagerly awaits the results of his efforts.

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