Los Angeles Chargers Add NFL Veterans to Practice Squad for 2023 Season

Marlowe, Erickson, and Vannett Join Chargers' Practice Squad with NFL Experience

The Los Angeles Chargers are taking steps to bolster their practice squad, welcoming three skilled players into their ranks. The Chargers’ decision to strengthen their practice squad has caught the attention of insiders and football enthusiasts alike. This move showcases their commitment to refining their team dynamics and ensuring a competitive edge in the upcoming season.

One of the newly signed players is Marlowe, a seasoned NFL professional who brings a wealth of experience to the practice squad. Marlowe’s journey through the league has seen him contribute to both the Atlanta Falcons and the Buffalo Bills during the 2022 season. Impressively, he has an impressive track record, participating in 59 games, amassing 119 tackles, executing two tackles for loss, making four quarterback hits, and achieving two interceptions. Marlowe’s diverse skill set and knowledge of the game make him a valuable addition to the Chargers’ practice sessions.

Another notable addition to the practice squad is wide receiver Alex Erickson. Throughout his career, Erickson has made his mark with various teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, the Carolina Panthers, and the Washington Commanders. His primary roles have often revolved around kick and punt returns, showcasing his agility and speed. A standout year for Erickson was 2018, where he amassed an impressive 1049 yards in kick returns. His ability to swiftly change the course of a game makes him an asset to the Chargers’ practice squad, as they prepare for dynamic on-field scenarios.

The practice squad gains further depth with the inclusion of Vannett, known by the moniker “Baby Gronk.” Vannett’s journey in the NFL has led him through different teams, with recent stints at the New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants. His proficiency in tight end play and receiving capabilities are evident in his career stats, which include 90 receptions for 874 yards and six touchdowns. Vannett’s versatility and knack for making impactful plays offer the Chargers’ practice squad a valuable resource for honing their strategies.

These acquisitions fortify the Chargers’ practice squad with seasoned NFL players who are prepared to step up if circumstances demand it. By having skilled athletes ready to challenge the roster players during practice sessions, the Chargers aim to foster a competitive environment that drives improvement and teamwork.

As the 2023 season approaches, fans are left eagerly wondering whether Marlowe, Erickson, and Vannett will get the chance to sport the iconic powder blue jersey on the field. With the Chargers’ practice squad now boasting these experienced professionals, the team’s preparations are well underway for an exciting and dynamic season ahead.

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