Young AFC Quarterbacks Comparison: Herbert vs. Lawrence Talent Levels in Spotlight

Analyst's Choice Favors Chargers' Justin Herbert as Debate Heats Up

The NFL landscape witnessed an intense matchup earlier this year, but as 2023 unfolds, the spotlight remains on the burgeoning talents of two AFC quarterbacks. Amid fervent debates about Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence and Chargers QB Justin Herbert, an interesting take surfaces. A renowned analyst has cast his vote in favor of the Bolts’ young gun. Transitioning away from the previously ineffective strategy under Joe Lombardi, Kellen Moore has embraced the mantle of the new offensive coordinator, capturing attention and delivering impressive results during the preseason.

Justin Herbert’s ascent to prominence among the league’s premier signal callers has been a journey filled with challenges. Following skepticism from fans and scouts stemming from his collegiate years at Oregon, Herbert’s trajectory took a significant leap. The 2020 draft’s sixth overall pick, Herbert’s professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable during his initial seasons with the Chargers. As the heir apparent to the esteemed Philip Rivers, Herbert’s achievements in his first three years stand alongside the achievements of some of the greatest quarterbacks in history.

“[Herbert] was stifled a bit in that offense last year, but I think [new coordinator] Kellen Moore will help bring out his best with more downfield shots and receivers moving around more,” an AFC executive said. “Both players have really good weapons around them. And Trevor is going to be a beast. But Herbert’s a little further along at this stage.”

via Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Even armed with an array of weapons this season, Herbert’s quest for his maiden playoff victory continues into 2023. The setback in 2022 against Trevor Lawrence’s Jaguars, resulting in a heart-wrenching loss, has not deterred Herbert. Instead, he enters the upcoming season with determination, ready to build upon his already impressive resume. With the return of a healthy Keenan Allen, the high draft pick Quentin Johnston in the mix, and the ever-ready Mike Williams, Herbert is poised for another formidable showing.

While debates rage on, Chargers fans have confidently staked their claim. The former Oregon Duck, Justin Herbert, remains their chosen standout. As the debate over Lawrence and Herbert’s talents simmers, the AFC prepares for a season that holds the promise of electrifying quarterback clashes.

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