Former Chargers Cornerback Desmond King Joins Pittsburgh Steelers: NFL Roster Moves 2023

AFC North Team Adds All-Pro Cornerback to 53-Man Roster for 2023 Season

Roster movements and cuts have been dominating recent headlines, with the Los Angeles Chargers and 31 other NFL teams actively reshaping their lineups in anticipation of the 2023 season. Amidst these shifts, an especially notable change emerges—one that might tip the balance for an AFC North contender.

In a significant update reported by NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Desmond King, a former draft selection and standout cornerback for the Los Angeles Chargers, is now bound for the Steel City. The Pittsburgh Steelers, looking to bolster their roster for the upcoming season, have secured King’s signature. This maneuver, not only indicative of the Steelers’ strategic thinking but also a potential game-changer, is poised to alter the dynamics of the AFC North competition.

The spotlight shines on Desmond King’s football journey as he embarks on this new chapter with the Steelers’ 53-man roster. His recent release from the Houston Texans paved the way for this transition. The speed at which he was snapped up by another team underscores the value he brings to the field.

During his tenure with the Chargers from 2017 to 2020, King made an indelible impact. His skill and prowess earned him the prestigious title of First-team All-Pro in 2018. The stats he amassed during his Chargers days—189 combo tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 13 QB hits, two force fumbles, four interceptions, and 17 passes deflected—tell a tale of his versatility and defensive prowess.

It’s worth reminiscing that the Chargers selected Desmond King in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, a testament to their foresight in recognizing his potential. His finest moments on the field were undoubtedly in the Chargers’ colors, and even as he dons the jersey of an AFC rival, there’s a collective sentiment of well-wishing as he prepares to take the field in the upcoming season.

As the NFL landscape continues to evolve with rapid-fire roster changes, the signing of Desmond King by the Pittsburgh Steelers remains a pivotal moment. It underscores the calculated moves teams are making to optimize their chances in the forthcoming season. With King’s presence potentially reshaping the AFC North dynamics, football enthusiasts are in for an exhilarating season filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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