Star Safety Derwin James Talks Impact of Philip Rivers and Justin Herbert on LA Chargers

Talented Safety Derwin James Shares Thoughts on QBs Rivers and Herbert's Influence

The Los Angeles Chargers boast abundant talent on both offense and defense, with one standout player commanding attention: superstar safety Derwin James.

Entering his fifth season, all spent with the Chargers, James emerges as a key figure for the team. His steady growth and continual improvement year after year have been a revelation, creating heightened anticipation for his performance in the upcoming weekend’s action.

A notable aspect of James’ journey has been his fortuitous encounter with two exceptional quarterbacks during his tenure. Initially, he enjoyed the leadership of potential first-ballot Hall of Famer Philip Rivers. At present, he collaborates with the rising star QB, Justin Herbert.

During an appearance on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, James engaged in a discussion with the hosts regarding his preference between the two quarterbacks. He delved into the profound influence that Rivers had on both the Chargers and his personal career. Speaking with genuine admiration, James commended Rivers for his contributions and impact on the team. Having spent two seasons alongside Rivers, James is now embarking on his third season with Herbert. This transition has provided him the unique privilege of being guided by two outstanding QBs throughout his NFL journey. With optimism, he envisions accomplishing his objectives alongside Herbert, a prospect that eluded him during his time with Philip Rivers.

As the new season approaches, excitement builds not only for James’ stellar defensive prowess but also for Herbert’s continued offensive excellence. The synergy between James and the defense, coupled with Herbert’s playmaking skills, foreshadows an electrifying season for the Chargers.

“Phil is like everything. He was like the coach, the player, the quarterback. Mean, so he kind of did everything. He made all the line checks, you know, they different players like I said.”

In the grand scheme, regardless of James’ preference, both Philip Rivers and Justin Herbert have left indelible marks on the Chargers’ organization. While the seasoned Rivers has already etched his legacy, Herbert’s promising journey has only just begun, hinting at a bright future ahead.

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