Justin Herbert’s Crucial Year: Chargers Quarterback Aims to Join Elite Ranks in 2023 Season

Los Angeles Chargers' Justin Herbert gears up to prove himself among NFL's top-tier quarterbacks.

The Los Angeles Chargers have uncovered their treasure trove for the present and the future in the form of their star quarterback, Justin Herbert. This 25-year-old player has solidified his name among the best in the game, but his journey is far from over. The upcoming 2023 season carries immense weight, holding the potential to define both Herbert’s trajectory and the fate of the franchise.

As all eyes focus on Justin Herbert, he is set to demonstrate that his skills go beyond being merely good; he’s aiming for the echelon of greatness. According to a tier assessment by CBS sports writer Will Brinson, while Herbert might not yet hold the coveted “Tier 1” title, occupied by luminaries like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow in “The Big Three” tier, he stands tall in the tier just below, aptly named “Could Join Them Next Year.” This places him shoulder-to-shoulder with respected names such as Lamar Jackson, Trevor Lawrence, and Jalen Hurts.

Even though Herbert’s recent season might not have been his peak performance, it garnered the Chargers front office’s attention, leading to a substantial contract that speaks volumes. Despite any setbacks in 2022, the Chargers unmistakably view Herbert as the guiding light steering their ship into the future.

The forthcoming season is poised as Herbert’s ultimate proving ground. Armed with a strong arsenal of offensive weapons, a capable coordinator, and a cosmic alignment of stars, he is well-positioned to elevate his game to new heights.

Heading into his fourth season, the clock is ticking for Herbert to etch his legacy onto the playoff stage. The days of excuses are fading; it’s now prime time for Herbert to not only crash the tier-one party but to host it. The expectations are clear—multiple playoff triumphs. The 2023 season is his blank canvas, where he has the chance to lead his team deep into the playoffs and craft a remarkable narrative. The spotlight is beaming directly onto Justin Herbert, and he is more than prepared to embrace the challenge. Failing to rise to the occasion could spell trouble for the Chargers and their aspirations.

Gary Lee

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