Dodgers Place J.D. Martinez on 10-Day IL Due to Groin Tightness, Call up Michael Busch

Martinez's Absence Creates Opportunity for Michael Busch to Shine in Dodgers Lineup

In a recent development, the Los Angeles Dodgers have placed J.D. Martinez on the 10-day Injured List (IL) due to a groin tightness issue. Over the past three weeks, Martinez has been grappling with various lower body problems, affecting his performance on the field. Manager Dave Roberts estimates that it could take around two to three weeks for Martinez to make his way back into the Dodgers’ lineup.

Prior to a recent loss, Roberts shared his insights with the media regarding Martinez’s situation. Martinez is a pivotal force on the Dodger’s right side, making significant contributions to the team’s offensive strategies. Sporting a batting average of .256 along with 25 home runs, 78 RBI, and an impressive .856 OPS, Martinez has consistently been a go-to player for clutch hits during crucial moments of the game.

The absence of Martinez has paved the way for Michael Busch to step up. Having displayed exceptional performance at the AAA level, Busch boasts an impressive .323 batting average, along with 24 home runs and 82 RBI. The call-up to the major league presents an opportunity for Busch to showcase his skills and demonstrate what he can bring to the Dodgers’ lineup.

A left-handed hitter, Busch’s versatility is a notable asset, although his defensive prowess is not exceptional in any specific position. He holds the capacity to play across third, second, and first bases, offering flexibility to the team’s defensive strategies.

The present scenario places Busch in a position where he needs to prove his significance to the Dodgers’ future endeavors. Despite expectations circulating around a potential trade involving Busch, the Dodgers opted to retain him during the trading deadline. This decision has amplified the need for Busch to step in and make meaningful contributions to the team’s performance.

“Running, certain swings it didn’t affect him. But when he strides out further, that’s when it gets him. He’s pretty adamant that it’s not the back. Regardless, it was impeding his swing. The one thing that we haven’t done is just quit the activity. Hopefully, that can knock it out.”

Via OC Register

As the Dodgers navigate through the challenges of Martinez’s absence, all eyes are on Michael Busch as he takes on the responsibility of filling the gap. With a chance to showcase his capabilities at the major league level, Busch aims to demonstrate his potential and secure a lasting place within the Dodgers’ lineup.

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