Chargers Fall Short in Preseason Battle Against Saints: Highlights and Takeaways

LA Chargers showcase young talent in preseason game against New Orleans Saints

The Los Angeles Chargers faced off against the New Orleans Saints in their second preseason bout of the 2023 season. Unfortunately, the Chargers fell short in a close match, with the Saints securing a 22-17 victory. This outcome leaves the Chargers with a 1-1 record in the preseason campaign.

In comparison to their sharp performance against the Rams in Week 1, the Chargers’ gameplay wasn’t as finely tuned in this match. Certain factors didn’t align in their favor, resulting in a challenging contest. However, the preseason isn’t primarily about wins and losses; it’s an opportunity for growth through experience. A prime example of this development emerged in the form of rookie linebacker Tuli Tuipulotu.

Despite the team’s defeat, the 20-year-old Tuli made a significant impact in his second appearance on the field, drawing commendation from his head coach, Brandon Staley. Tuli showcased a glimpse of the formidable force he’s poised to become in the years ahead. Let’s delve into his standout moments from Sunday’s match, where he impressively penetrated the opposing team’s backfield, displaying his potential as a dynamic player.

“He’s really instinctive,” Staley said of Tuipulotu. “He kind of knows where the plays are going before they happen. And then he’s really physical. This guy is going to come off and he’s going to dominate a tight end one-on-one. He’s proven that’s a mismatch, which is a good thing for an edge player. That’s what we’re looking for. And then he’s outstanding in the movement game. And then against the bigger O-linemen, he can strike and shed and win at the ball.”

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While the final score didn’t swing in favor of the Chargers, the game provided an occasion to highlight the capabilities of many young defenders. Their contributions underscored their readiness to play pivotal roles in the Chargers’ 2023 journey.

Tuli Tuipulotu is everywhere right now. @Chargers

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As the team gears up for their final preseason game, the focus will undoubtedly be on refining their gameplay and tactics. A strong showing in this last preparatory matchup will be instrumental as they aim to kick off the regular season on a positive and healthy note.

Chargers 2nd rounder Tuli Tuipulotu with the quick win in the run game against Saints 2022 first rounder Trevor Penning. Tuipulotu was one of the youngest players in this draft class

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