Los Angeles Chargers Eye Improved Running Game in 2023 Season

New Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore Brings Promise of Stronger Run Game

The Los Angeles Chargers are gearing up for the upcoming 2023 NFL season with a firm determination to revamp their running game. After a less-than-ideal 2022 season filled with challenges, the team is looking to make significant improvements, and one area they’re focusing on is their ground attack.

One of the main concerns that emerged during the previous season was the performance of the running game. Apart from Austin Ekeler, the team struggled to find consistent contributors, especially with the slew of injuries they faced. Ekeler, a versatile player, was not only relied upon as a running back but also in various other roles.

Although he fell short of reaching 1,000 rushing yards, Ekeler excelled in the responsibilities assigned to him. However, the team recognizes the need for change in their approach. The appointment of Kellen Moore as the new offensive coordinator brings a fresh perspective to the team’s offensive strategy.

Kellen Moore, renowned for his successful tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, is set to play a pivotal role in transforming the Chargers’ run game. Head coach Brandon Staley sees Moore’s achievements with the Cowboys as a promising indicator of what he can achieve with the Chargers’ roster.

The Chargers’ running game struggled to gain momentum in the past, but signs of progress are already visible. Coach Staley emphasizes the importance of establishing a robust run game and anticipates further enhancements as the 2023 season unfolds. The team is ready to embrace change and elevate their performance to the next level.

“I think that we’ve certainly formulated identity that we wanted to play with. There have been a lot of runs in camp, so I think that we’ve been able to evaluate our guys in pads. We still have two games to go, but it’s still really important to us to establish who we are both on the line of scrimmage and at the running back. Again, we still have a lot of time until our first regular season game.”

(via Brandon Staley)

With the addition of Moore to the coaching staff, the Chargers have the potential to integrate the running game as a defining aspect of their playstyle. Boasting dynamic talents like Austin Ekeler, as well as Isiaih Spiller, Joshua Kelly, and the potential inclusion of Elijah Dotson, the team is well-equipped to balance the workload and keep the ground attack strong.

Kellen Moore‘s track record speaks for itself. During his time with the Dallas Cowboys, he orchestrated the seventh-ranked rushing offense, averaging an impressive 126.6 yards per game. Furthermore, Moore contributed significantly to his former team’s success, leading them to become the second-ranked total offense and scoring offense over four seasons as the offensive coordinator.

The Los Angeles Chargers recognize Moore as the missing piece to bolster their run game. The team is determined to mirror or even surpass the stats he achieved with the Cowboys, leaving no room for excuses. As the 2023 season approaches, all eyes are on the Chargers as they prepare to redefine their approach to the running game and make their mark in the league.

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