Los Angeles Chargers’ Defensive Star JC Jackson Returns to Shape for NFL Preseason

Star cornerback JC Jackson's return adds to the growing hype for the Los Angeles Chargers in the upcoming NFL season

The NFL preseason is in motion, setting the stage for the imminent official games. Amidst this anticipation, the spotlight on the Los Angeles Chargers intensifies.

In the heart of this excitement is star quarterback Justin Herbert, poised to build upon his previous successful season and lead the Chargers deeper into the postseason fray.

Amidst a potent wide-receiving lineup featuring Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and newcomer Quentin Johnson, an intriguing dimension may unfold on the defensive front.

After a season plagued by injuries, the Chargers are set to welcome back some of their defensive linchpins this year. Among these is cornerback JC Jackson.

JC Jackson, a marquee acquisition during the previous offseason, encountered a year of setbacks due to injuries. His inaugural tenure with the Bolts saw action in just five games. However, the upcoming season paints a different picture as he aspires to regain his All-Pro caliber.

While the outlook for his participation in the team’s week one clash against the Miami Dolphins remains uncertain, Jackson maintains a hopeful demeanor towards his swift return. Prioritizing his well-being, he aims to make a meaningful impact rather than rush and risk reinjury.

Reflecting on his preceding two full seasons in 2020 and 2021, Jackson showcased his prowess as a turnover force, amassing 17 interceptions and becoming a constant threat for the New England Patriots’ defensive lineup.

This standout performance led to the Chargers securing his services through a substantial deal in the recent offseason. A prudent strategy now governs his approach, as he collaborates with the team to regain his top form.

While Jackson charts his path to full recovery, the Chargers forge ahead. His resurgence is anticipated to play a pivotal role this season, signifying a significant asset for the team’s aspirations.

Gary Lee

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