Chargers’ JT Woods Aims to Improve in 2023 After Training Camp Progress

LA Chargers' young safety JT Woods shows improvement during training camp, aiming for a stronger season in 2023.

Chargers’ JT Woods Shows Promise for 2023 Season

Despite having standout player Derwin James in 2022, the Chargers’ secondary faced challenges, with several young players finding it tough to establish themselves and deliver a strong season.

Among these young talents was second-year safety JT Woods, drafted by LA in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. In his rookie year, Woods saw limited playing time, participating in only 10 games, starting in one, and recording just three tackles. His struggles with tackling contributed to his absence from the lineup.

However, the 2023 season brings new opportunities for Woods to redeem himself, and he is already displaying improvement during training camp. Chargers’ defensive backs coach Tommy Donatell praised Woods for his mental toughness and growth on the field, emphasizing the importance of having a next-play mentality as a defensive back in the league. Woods’ ability to make adjustments and maintain a short memory on the field is crucial for success.

During his college years, Woods showcased his dominance, particularly in his senior year at Baylr, leading the Big 12 with six interceptions and tallying 57 tackles. While adjusting to the NFL might have been challenging, the new season and increased experience in the league present an opportunity for Woods to perform even better.

ESPN ranks Woods as the second safety on the team’s list, right behind the standout player Derwin James. If Woods continues to perform well during preseason, he may secure more playing time than he initially expected.

As the Chargers’ defense takes center stage, fans eagerly await the improvements, especially from young talents like JT Woods. His progress in training camp promises a more formidable performance from him and the entire team in the upcoming 2023 season. With determination and hard work, Woods aims to make a positive impact and contribute significantly to the Chargers’ success on the field.

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