Rashawn Slater Ready to Take on Pro Bowl Rushers in Charger Training Camp

Chargers' Offensive Lineman Eager to Prove His Skill Amidst Tough Battles

Charger training camp is in full swing, and the intensity on the field is undeniable. Teammates are fiercely competing on both offense and defense, pushing each other to their limits. Young offensive lineman Rashawn Slater shared his experience of facing Pro Bowl-caliber rushers in an interview with The Athletic.

The Los Angeles Chargers drafted Slater with the 13th overall pick from Northwestern in the 2021 NFL Draft. The team had high hopes for him to strengthen their offensive line and protect their rising star quarterback, Justin Herbert.

Slater did not disappoint. In his rookie season, he quickly proved his worth, earning the title of a Pro Bowler and being named second-team All-Pro. Unfortunately, a bicep injury cut short his sophomore NFL season in week 3. Now, back in training camp, Slater is determined to show the football world just how skilled he truly is.

His time on the field, going head-to-head with two of the best edge rushers in the league, will undoubtedly add fuel to his fire. One of these formidable opponents is Khalil Mack, who also happens to be a Pro Bowler and joined the Chargers from the Bears in a trade before the 2022 season.

The other impressive edge rusher on Slater’s radar is Joey Bosa. While a groin injury limited his playing time in the 2022 season, Bosa has proven to be a crucial asset to the Charger defense.

As the Chargers head into the 2023 campaign, revenge is a powerful motivator for Slater, Bosa, and the entire team. They are eager to improve upon their previous season’s performance and show the league their true potential.

With such competitive battles in training camp, Slater is honing his skills and preparing himself to face the challenges that lie ahead. The young offensive lineman is determined to make his mark on the field and solidify his place among the best in the NFL.

Gary Lee

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