Chargers News: Bolts Tease New Unis With Joey Bosa

The Los Angeles Chargers already released their new updated logo on March 24th that kept the same powder blue, white, and yellow color scheme with a little updated font. This pleased many Charger fans as worry came from numerous “leaked” photos that bolted (pun intended) through the internet. Not much as changed (see below) and that’s one less worry that fans have to worry about. Now the wait comes for their updated uniforms. Charger fans are once again, cringing on leaked photos that could or could not be real.

The majority of NFL teams are slated to release updated uniforms, such as the Atlanta Falcons who released theirs on April 8th to the public, and the anticipation for Charger fans just got pushed into overdrive with a Twitter post from the Chargers themselves yesterday.

Los Angeles Chargers Defensive End Joey Bosa was sent a video from the team to view the new uniforms, but of course without getting into detail or even showing anything, he seemed quite happy. Bosa stated “those are sick” a few times as well as how he liked the “simplicity” of the look can only bring more questions and anticipation.

There is no set date on when the Bolts plan on revealing their new unis. More than likely a spaced out timetable with other teams for announcements seems to be the case. Since the Chargers are moving into the brand new Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, CA with fellow L.A. team the Rams, having updated their look was the plan along. Hopefully fans will be pleased with what is to come. Stay tuned!


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