Los Angeles Angels Eyeing Big Trade for Starting Pitching Help

The Angels Are Making Moves to Strengthen Their Rotation in the Offseason

In the quest to fortify their pitching rotation, the Los Angeles Angels have emerged as active participants in the offseason trade market. One intriguing name on their radar is promising pitcher Alek Manoah, who could potentially provide the boost they need. Manoah’s journey has been a rollercoaster ride, but the Angels see untapped potential in him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alek Manoah is a pitcher with significant upside, making him a prime target for the Los Angeles Angels in their search for starting pitching help.
  • Despite struggling during his stint with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2021, Manoah rebounded in 2022, earning his first All-Star nod and finishing third in the American League Cy Young race.
  • The Angels face challenges in the trade market due to limited farm system assets, but they are determined to acquire the talent they need.

Alek Manoah’s career took a sharp turn in 2022. After a challenging season with the Blue Jays, where he posted an elevated ERA of 5.87 over 19 starts, the 24-year-old pitcher transformed himself into a standout performer. In the 2022 season, Manoah showcased his true potential by registering a remarkable ERA of 2.24 across 31 starts, a performance that not only earned him an All-Star appearance but also placed him prominently in the Cy Young conversation.

The Los Angeles Angels have taken notice of Manoah’s resurgence and are considering him as a potential solution to their starting pitching woes. Under contract through the 2027 season, Manoah represents a long-term investment with the promise of continued growth. The Angels are eager to capitalize on his potential and add a formidable arm to their rotation.

However, the path to securing Manoah’s services is not without obstacles. The Angels find themselves in a challenging position in the trade market. Their farm system lacks the depth to outbid other competitive teams. Despite this disadvantage, the Angels are not deterred and remain committed to their pursuit of bolstering their pitching staff.

While the outcome of these trade negotiations remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the Los Angeles Angels are determined to make a significant impact in the offseason. They are actively exploring opportunities to enhance their starting pitching and strengthen their competitive position in the American League.

In a league where pitching talent is highly coveted, the Angels are making their intentions known. Whether they successfully land Alek Manoah or another promising pitcher, their commitment to improving the team’s pitching staff is a promising sign for Angels fans eager for success in the upcoming season.

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