Could J.D. Martinez Be the Halos’ Answer to Shohei Ohtani’s Possible Departure?

The Los Angeles Angels are eyeing J.D. Martinez as a potential replacement for Shohei Ohtani, should he leave the team next season.

In a season filled with uncertainties, the Los Angeles Angels are anxiously waiting to see where two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani will choose to play next year. With Ohtani’s potential departure looming, the Halos are exploring options to fill the void within their lineup.

According to MLB insider Mark Feinsand of, there have been speculations connecting the Angels with power hitter J.D. Martinez this offseason as a potential replacement for Ohtani in case of his departure from the team.

“Assuming that Shohei Ohtani signs elsewhere, the Angels will be seeking a replacement at designated hitter. Martinez had a stellar season just down the road for the Dodgers, hitting 33 home runs with 103 RBIs and an .893 OPS in 113 games. He may not be Ohtani, but who is?”

Per Mark Feinsand of

J.D. Martinez emerges as a top candidate in the designated hitter position on the open market, offering the Angels a promising solution. Martinez’s outstanding performance with the Dodgers this past year has showcased his prowess, and he could also bring valuable veteran leadership to the Angels’ clubhouse.

However, a significant question remains: would Martinez be inclined to join a team like the Angels, who may not be considered a true contender at this point in their journey? In all likelihood, Martinez’s primary goals include securing a lucrative contract and being part of a winning team.

Nevertheless, if Martinez were to become an Angel, the team would undoubtedly reap substantial benefits. He played a pivotal role in setting records with the Dodgers’ offense, and while the Angels’ lineup may not be as formidable, Martinez could offer them a genuine power-hitting bat.

Pairing Martinez with star outfielder Mike Trout could transform the Angels’ lineup into a lethal force, striking fear into opposing pitchers. Martinez’s ability to consistently deliver powerful hits is a skill that any team could greatly benefit from.

The final outcome hinges largely on Shohei Ohtani’s decision, as there have been rumors that the Dodgers may turn to Martinez if they fail to secure Ohtani. As the offseason unfolds, baseball fans eagerly await the answers to these questions, wondering where both Martinez and Ohtani will ultimately land. The future of the Angels and their quest to replace a superstar remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure—the excitement of the baseball offseason is just beginning.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Los Angeles Angels are considering J.D. Martinez as a potential replacement for Shohei Ohtani, who might leave the team next season.
  • Martinez, known for his excellent performance with the Dodgers, could bring veteran leadership and a power-hitting bat to the Angels’ lineup.
  • Martinez’s decision to join the Angels hinges on factors like a competitive team and a lucrative contract, making the outcome uncertain as the offseason progresses.

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