A Former Angel’s Impact on Player Development Sparks Changes

Troy Percival's Concerns Lead to Shakeup in Angels' Player Development

In the past, the Los Angeles Angels enjoyed a storied history with a rich legacy of talented players gracing their roster. However, since 2014, the team has struggled to make a significant impact in the playoffs. But a recent incident involving former Angel Troy Percival has set in motion some changes that could potentially revamp the team’s fortunes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Troy Percival, a beloved former Angels pitcher, was invited to work with the team’s up-and-coming prospects.
  • Percival raised concerns about the technology being used for player development, leading to a fallout.
  • Two high-ranking pitching instructors in the Angels’ farm system were let go due to the controversy.

Troy Percival, who spent the majority of his illustrious career with the Angels, recently found himself back with the organization, albeit briefly. While he didn’t take issue with the players or their mechanics, he had strong reservations about the technology the Angels were employing for player development, and he wasn’t shy about voicing his opinions.

In a surprising turn of events, Percival’s concerns led to significant consequences. Pitching coordinator Buddy Carlyle and pitching performance coordinator Dylan Alexrod, two highly respected figures in the Angels’ farm system, were relieved of their duties. This decision followed Percival’s candid conversation with Angels farm director Joey Prebynski.

Prebynski revealed that Percival had not intended for anyone to be fired but was genuinely looking out for the best interests of the team. With his extensive experience in the major leagues, Percival’s insights carried weight, and it seems that the Angels took his opinions to heart, resulting in a reshuffle within the organization.

“I’m not one that’s big on using the iPads,” said Percival, who spent six seasons as the head coach at UC Riverside. “I understand it. I had to understand it through college coaching. I just feel like we need to have coaches with eyes that can see things and put their hands on people and fix them. It’s really difficult to look at an iPad and think that it can make the adjustments that it needs to make.”

Per Troy Percival via The Athletic

While the situation may have caused some friction, there is hope that these changes will ultimately benefit the Angels in developing their young talent. The team has been longing for a dominant pitcher to bolster their ranks, and perhaps these adjustments will be the catalyst for a brighter future. Only time will tell if Troy Percival’s involvement will prove to be a turning point in the Angels’ quest for success.

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