Los Angeles Angels Sign Ron Washington as Manager: Staff Rumors Emerge

Former Braves third base coach and ex-Rangers manager joins the Angels in a two-year deal, sparking rumors about his coaching staff.

In a surprising move just ahead of the upcoming MLB free agency, the Los Angeles Angels have made a significant addition to their coaching staff. They’ve signed former Braves third base coach and former Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington, to a two-year deal as the team’s manager. This decision marks a significant shift in the Angels’ leadership and sets the stage for an exciting 2024 season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ron Washington, a seasoned baseball figure, will manage a team for the first time since 2014.
  • Rumors have surfaced about potential members of Washington’s coaching staff, including names like Chili Davis, Torii Hunter, Erick Young Sr., Clint Hurdle, and Ryan Goins, offering a diverse blend of coaching expertise.
  • The addition of coaches from different backgrounds and eras of baseball is expected to bring valuable perspectives and influences to the Angels’ clubhouse.

While Ron Washington is still in the process of finalizing his coaching staff and preparing for the 2024 season, speculations about his potential team members are already circulating. According to Bob Nightengale from USA Today, Washington’s staff may include renowned figures such as Chili Davis, Torii Hunter, Erick Young Sr., Clint Hurdle, and Ryan Goins.

What makes this potential coaching lineup particularly intriguing is its diversity. With three black coaches in the mix, the Angels could benefit from a wide range of experiences and insights that these seasoned professionals bring to the table. The combination of coaches who have both played and coached in various eras of baseball promises to create a dynamic and enriching environment within the organization.

Despite the rumors swirling around the coaching staff, one piece of information has been confirmed. A.J. Pierzynski, the former MLB catcher and host of the Foul Territory podcast, revealed that Torii Hunter, while initially considered for the first base coach position, will not be filling that role next year. Hunter did interview for the manager job, but ultimately, he believes his strengths lie in mentoring and assisting players rather than serving as a coach.

Ron Washington’s appointment as the Angels’ manager marks a significant milestone in the franchise’s history. He will become the fourth manager for the Angels in the past five years and, notably, the first black manager in the team’s history. This move represents a step forward in promoting diversity and a fresh approach within the organization as they look to make their way back to the postseason.

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