Los Angeles Angels Consider In-House Candidate for New Manager

With Phil Nevin's departure, the Angels explore options, including an in-house candidate.

In the wake of Phil Nevin’s departure, the Los Angeles Angels are on the hunt for a new manager, marking their fifth managerial change since 2018. The team’s recent struggles on the field, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding superstar Shohei Ohtani’s future, have made this a critical decision for the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Los Angeles Angels are searching for their fifth manager since 2018 after parting ways with Phil Nevin.
  • The team hasn’t made the postseason since 2014, and the potential departure of Shohei Ohtani further complicates their future.
  • In-house candidate Gil, an infield coach with the team since 2022, is a potential option for the managerial role.

As the offseason unfolds, the Los Angeles Angels find themselves at a crossroads, seeking a fresh start with a new manager. Phil Nevin’s departure has set the stage for the Angels to embark on yet another managerial search, marking their fifth since 2018.

“The Angels are interested in (Benji Gil) as a potential manager, according to a person familiar with the situation but unauthorized to speak publicly.”

Per Sarah Valenzuela of The LA Times

The Halos’ struggles on the field have been evident, with their last playoff appearance dating back to 2014. The uncertainty surrounding the future of two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani, who may be considering leaving the team this offseason, only adds to the challenges ahead.

With a history of frequent managerial turnover, the Angels might benefit from introducing a sense of continuity within the clubhouse. One potential avenue for achieving this stability is by turning to an in-house candidate to fill the managerial role.

According to a report by Sarah Valenzuela of The LA Times, Gil, one of the Halos’ infield coaches, is being considered as a candidate for the vacant managerial position. While Gil lacks experience in leading a Major League Baseball team, he does possess managerial experience, having led the Mexico national team in both the 2020 Summer Olympics and the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Having been with the organization since 2022, Gil is intimately familiar with the team’s system and the players within the organization. This familiarity could prove invaluable as the Angels aim to build a cohesive team and work towards a brighter future.

“The ideal candidate for the Angels would be someone who contributes to improving the culture of the organization, has a strong work ethic and has a rich history in baseball. The job would not be a hard sell for some, but would not be as easily enticing to others, particularly to experienced managers, according to one former American League executive who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to speak freely.”

Per Sarah Valenzuela of The LA Times

If Gil were to assume the role of manager, it would be a significant opportunity for him to make his mark in the league. Moreover, the Angels could benefit from allowing him the chance to grow alongside the roster, rather than pursuing a high-profile hire solely for the sake of making a splash.

The Angels’ quest for a new manager promises to be a pivotal decision for the franchise. Whether they opt for an internal candidate like Gil or explore other options, the choice they make will undoubtedly shape the team’s future trajectory on the baseball diamond.

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