Angels’ Zach Neto Among Top 50 MLB Rookies for 2023, Setting the Stage for 2024

Zach Neto and fellow rookies make their mark, signaling a promising future for the Angels.

In his debut MLB season, Angels’ shortstop Zach Neto faced his fair share of challenges due to injuries. However, his remarkable skills and performance did not go unnoticed, earning him a spot among the top 50 rookies in baseball for the 2023 season, according to Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zach Neto secures a spot as the 46th-best rookie in the MLB for the 2023 season.
  • Honorable mentions go to Logan Schanuel, Jose Soriano, and Logan O’Hoppe, who are expected to play pivotal roles in the Angels’ 2024 campaign.
  • Neto and his talented young teammates are set to embark on a new era under a new manager, poised to bring about changes at the Big A.

Despite his injury struggles during his first MLB season, Zach Neto’s potential and impact on the field couldn’t be ignored. Neto’s debut season was marked by adversity, but it served as a testament to his determination and skill as he emerged as a prominent rookie in the league. This recognition only reaffirms his significance to the Angels’ future success.

“Neto became the first player from the 2022 draft class to reach the majors when he took over as the Angels’ starting shortstop on April 15. The 22-year-old made two separate trips to the injured list with a strained oblique and lower back inflammation, but he was still a 1.6-WAR player over 84 games.”

via Joel Reuter, Bleacher Report

In addition to Neto’s achievement, the Angels have other notable rookies making waves in the 2023 season. Logan Schanuel, a surprise call-up shortly after being drafted, achieved an impressive feat by safely reaching base in his first 27 games in the majors. Unfortunately, Schanuel’s season was cut short due to an injury, but his performance was nothing short of remarkable.

Logan O’Hoppe, a highly regarded prospect, made a significant impact with his September return to the team. O’Hoppe’s potential partnership with Neto promises a bright future for the Angels, as they aim to build a formidable team for 2024.

Jose Soriano also played a crucial role, particularly in bolstering the Angels’ pitching staff during a challenging season. Soriano’s contributions across 42 innings of play position him as a compelling candidate for the team’s bullpen in the upcoming season.

As the Angels look ahead to 2024, they will do so with a new manager at the helm. However, the exciting talents of Zach Neto and his fellow rookies are already causing ripples of anticipation and change at the Big A. With promising prospects like Schanuel, O’Hoppe, and Soriano in tow, Angels fans have plenty to be hopeful for in the seasons to come.

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