Angels Baseball Faces Another Disappointing Season in 2023

Troubles Continue to Plague the Los Angeles Angels Despite Star Talent

The 2023 season for Angels baseball once again served as a stark reminder of the organization’s ongoing struggles. Regardless of the talent on the roster, the manager in the dugout, or the front office personnel, Arte Moreno’s team seems mired in dysfunction. Kerry Miller of Bleacher Report predicts that the situation may not improve anytime soon.

Mike Trout, who started his journey as an exciting young rookie, evolved into a three-time AL MVP winner, and earned the title of the consensus best player in the sport, all within seven years with the Anaheim Angels. However, the most disheartening aspect of this remarkable feat is that Trout has experienced just one playoff series in his entire career, and in that lone appearance, his team couldn’t secure a single win against the Kansas City Royals.

This ill-fated series occurred back in 2014, and now, nine years later, a new narrative surrounds Trout while the same old one persists around his team. At 32 years of age and plagued by frequent injuries, Trout’s body can no longer withstand the constant grind of trying to carry a sub .500 ball club, despite his undeniable talent.

“It would be irresponsible to declare that a team absolutely will not make the postseason at any point in the next seven years. But if the Angels don’t trade Trout to an actual contender, I don’t see him getting back to the playoffs before he retires.”

via Kerry Miller, Bleacher Report

The 2023 season marked the third consecutive year that the superstar outfielder failed to complete a fully healthy campaign. During his absence, the Angels found themselves facing a fate similar to that of their star player, as Shohei Ohtani also succumbed to injuries during his quest for playoff baseball glory. Although Trout can at least claim one playoff series to his name, Ohtani cannot make the same claim despite being alongside Trout for the past six seasons.

If the Japanese superstar, Ohtani, were to depart from the team, the dire prediction made by Miller could become a reality, unless Arte Moreno decides to sell the team to a more astute owner once and for all. The Los Angeles Angels, despite their star-studded lineup, continue to grapple with an unfortunate mix of injuries and playoff disappointments, leaving fans and analysts alike pondering the future of this storied franchise.

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