Los Angeles Angels Search for New Manager After Parting Ways with Phil Nevin

Angels Seek Fresh Start After a Disappointing Season

In a recent development, the Los Angeles Angels have made the decision to part ways with their manager, Phil Nevin. After a season filled with frustration, the team is determined to embark on a fresh start. However, it’s worth noting that whoever steps into the managerial role will inherit a team that has not seen playoff action since 2014.

The Angels now face the pivotal task of finding a suitable replacement for Nevin. One option they have is to consider in-house candidates, which could offer a degree of continuity that the team might find appealing. Jeff Fletcher, an insider at The OC Register, has identified three potential candidates within the organization, presenting the Angels with an opportunity to build internal consistency, which has been lacking on the field.

On the other hand, if the Angels decide to explore external options, Fletcher has also mentioned a seasoned manager who became available after parting ways with his previous team in the recent season. The question that lingers is whether this manager, Showalter, would be open to joining the Angels. Notably, the Angels might be facing the departure of their two-way superstar, Shohei Ohtani, which could influence his decision, as he likely aspires to manage a team with championship aspirations.

‘Two internal candidates — bench coach Ray Montgomery and infield coach Benji Gil — are likely to be considered. Montgomery was the No. 2 in charge under Nevin, taking over when he was suspended. Gil has managed in Mexico, and he managed Team Mexico earlier this year in the World Baseball Classic.”

Per Jeff Fletcher of The OC Register

Considering the circumstances, opting for an in-house candidate appears to be a more logical choice, especially given the precarious situation of the Angels’ general manager, Perry Minasian, who has only one year remaining on his contract. Many potential managers might be hesitant to sign on with a GM who has such a short tenure, fearing the possibility of being replaced by a new GM after the upcoming season.

“Buck Showalter, who was just let go by the New York Mets, could also be a candidate if the Angels want to go with an experienced manager. Minasian worked under Showalter with the Texas Rangers. The Angels interviewed Showalter before Joe Maddon was hired in 2019.”

Per The OC Register

The upcoming offseason promises to be a fascinating period for the Angels as they navigate the path toward their future. The decision they make regarding their new manager will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the team’s direction and aspirations.

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