Los Angeles Angels’ Patrick Sandoval Aims for Consistency After Disappointing Season

Pitcher Patrick Sandoval seeks improvement after inconsistent performance in a tough season.

In a season marked by frustration, the Los Angeles Angels have fallen short of the playoffs once again. The postseason drought continues, leaving fans and the organization with more questions than answers. One burning question is how the Angels can help starting pitcher Patrick Sandoval bounce back from a lackluster season.

Throughout the year, Sandoval showed glimpses of his potential but struggled to harness his abilities consistently. The consequences were evident on the mound, leaving the left-hander with a demanding offseason ahead. Sandoval’s season concluded with an earned run average (ERA) of 4.11 and a win-loss record of 7-13. His WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched) stood at 1.51, and he managed to strike out 128 batters over 144.2 innings of play.

For Sandoval, it was undoubtedly a rollercoaster of a season, one he is determined to build upon in the upcoming year. As he heads into the offseason, his focus is on refining his approach by identifying what worked well and making it a consistent part of his game.

The Angels’ aspirations for next season hinge in part on Sandoval’s ability to step up and deliver performances reflective of his potential. While he possesses the requisite skill set, the Achilles’ heel of his game remains consistency. Until this issue is addressed, he may struggle to fulfill his promise as a top-tier pitcher.

“Definitely a big learning year for me,” Sandoval said. “Just navigating the ups and downs of this game. A lot of downs this year and personally and as a team, we didn’t really accomplish what we set out to accomplish.”

Per The LA Times

The silver lining is the hope that Sandoval can use the lessons learned from this challenging season as stepping stones to a brighter future. The impending offseason looms as a pivotal period during which he can showcase his ability to thrive consistently in the competitive league.

“It’s just tough,” Sandoval said. “It’s been inconsistent all year. And that’s the biggest thing for me, is trying to find something that’s consistent and works for me.”

Per The LA Times

As the Los Angeles Angels look ahead, their fans and the organization will be closely watching Patrick Sandoval’s journey towards finding that elusive consistency. The desire to see him transform into the pitcher he has occasionally revealed himself to be fuels the hope that the Angels can break their playoff drought and contend once more.

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