Los Angeles Angels Injured Players Eyeing Late Season Comebacks

C.J. Cron Aims to Rejoin the Action and Boost His Offseason Prospects

In the winding down season of the Los Angeles Angels, several sidelined players are working diligently to stage their comebacks, even if it means a brief stint on the field to bolster the team’s performance.

Among these players, first baseman C.J. Cron stands out as a prominent figure who has been grappling with a nagging back injury. His absence from the lineup has been felt since mid-August, but the seasoned infielder remains optimistic about his prospects for returning to active play before the season’s conclusion. The significance of regaining confidence after a spell on the sidelines cannot be overstated, especially as players prepare to endure the extended offseason. Prioritizing their health can work wonders for their mental state and lay the foundation for a robust start to the offseason preparations. For Cron, the process of reclaiming his spot on the field is underway.

While the likelihood of his return this season is still uncertain, encouraging signs have emerged as Cron gradually reacclimates himself to the baseball environment. The 2023 season statistics indicate that Cron has contributed significantly with a batting average of .252, alongside 12 home runs and 37 runs batted in. His journey has been noteworthy, particularly given his midseason transfer from the Colorado Rockies to the Los Angeles Angels. Despite his potential, he has grappled with consistency at the plate since joining the team.

“Just for my mental health, going into the offseason having played a few games and knowing I’m good, I think is going to go a long way,” Cron said.

Per The OC Register

Anticipation runs high within the Angels’ fan base, fervently hoping for Cron’s triumphant return to the field before the season’s end. At the very least, Cron’s impending free agency at the close of the season adds an extra layer of intrigue to his comeback aspirations. It could very well serve as a last-minute showcase, allowing him to demonstrate his skills to prospective teams for the upcoming offseason.

“First baseman C.J. Cron (back) began doing baseball activity on the field, including taking batting practice, on Monday.”

Per Jeff Fletcher of The OC Register

In conclusion, as the Los Angeles Angels approach the final stretch of the season, injured players like C.J. Cron continue to work relentlessly to overcome setbacks and contribute to their team’s success. Their determination and perseverance could not only impact the team’s performance in the short term but also hold the key to their individual futures in the world of professional baseball.

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