Jo Adell’s Triple-A Return Raises Questions About 2023 Comeback

Adell's Struggles and Uncertain Health Cast Doubt on His MLB Future

Jo Adell has made his way to Triple-A Salt Lake, but there’s lingering doubt about his readiness to play in the 2023 season. Phil Nevin, a prominent figure in baseball circles, questions whether this highly-touted prospect can make a successful return to the big leagues this year.

The setback began when Adell was placed on the 60-day injured list due to an oblique injury in early July. Since then, he has been diligently working on his rehabilitation, moving from Arizona to Salt Lake in the process.

Adell’s struggles in transitioning from the minor leagues to the MLB have been apparent. Despite being called up to the Angels’ clubhouse, he has had difficulty replicating his consistent batting performance at the major league level. Throughout his MLB career, Adell holds a batting average of just .215, with an OPS of .625.

However, the 2023 season initially showed promise as Adell displayed a remarkable .978 OPS in the five games he managed to play. Unfortunately, his progress has been halted by the lingering oblique injury, casting doubts on his return this year. Despite teasing a potential comeback just a week ago, Adell’s recovery has not progressed as expected by medical professionals and team officials.

Jo Adell, once a promising young prospect, now finds himself at 24, struggling to maintain his health and underperforming when he does take the field in the MLB. His inability to replicate the impressive statistics he achieved in Triple-A has raised concerns about his future in the league.

“Where that puts him on a timetable for this year, I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to get in a game yet,” Nevin said. “We’ll see how the next few days in Salt Lake go for him.”

(via Jeff Fletcher, The Orange County Register)

With rumors circulating that Mike Trout may be on the trade block during the upcoming offseason, the Los Angeles Angels (Halos) might turn to Adell as they consider a transition toward a younger and more rebuilding-oriented team. The centerfield position, currently occupied by Trout, could potentially become Adell’s domain as the team seeks to inject fresh talent into its roster.

Jo Adell’s journey back to Triple-A Salt Lake has brought into question his readiness for a 2023 comeback in the MLB. His struggles in the big leagues, coupled with his ongoing health concerns, have left fans and experts alike uncertain about what the future holds for this once-promising prospect.

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