Anthony Rendon’s Future Uncertain as Injury-Plagued Season Nears End

Angels Star Third Baseman's Rehab Progress Raises Questions About His Return

It’s unclear whether Anthony Rendon, the third baseman for the Angels, will make a comeback this season, considering his prolonged battle with injuries. Throughout the year, he has grappled with numerous health setbacks, leaving fans and analysts questioning his return.

However, recent signs suggest that Rendon may be inching closer to a return. Over the weekend, observers spotted him engaging in light running exercises, offering a glimmer of hope for his comeback. Nonetheless, the Angels’ current position in the standings raises doubts about the wisdom of his return in this season, making it a less plausible scenario. Instead, Rendon may opt to set his sights on the next season.

For the Angels, the Rendon era has been nothing short of a nightmare. Despite earning a staggering $38 million annually, he has been unable to play more than 58 games in a single season due to recurring injuries. His injury-riddled history has not only hindered the team’s performance but has also posed challenges in roster management.

While rehabilitating this season, Rendon’s attitude has come under scrutiny from multiple media outlets. Although it’s understandable that he might be frustrated by his frequent injuries, many have criticized his unprofessional demeanor during this trying period.

Speculation has arisen regarding the possibility of the Angels severing ties with Rendon during the upcoming winter. However, as of now, the team has shown no inclination to take such action, making it an unlikely scenario. Moreover, the team remains obligated to Rendon for three more years under his contract, rendering a release during the offseason financially impractical. Releasing him would entail carrying his hefty salary as dead money on the team’s books, a scenario that the Angels are unlikely to entertain.

The Angels’ hope hinges on Rendon’s ability to regain full health and contribute to the team next season. When he has been on the field, he has demonstrated his exceptional talent. Nevertheless, the Angels’ offseason will be closely watched, as significant changes to the roster could be in store for the next season. The team stands out as one of the most intriguing subjects of speculation in the upcoming winter.

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