Anthony Rendon’s Recovery Update: Hitting Off Tee After Bone Bruise

Angels Third Baseman Shows Signs of Progress in His Injury Rehabilitation

In a significant development for the Los Angeles Angels and their star third baseman, Anthony Rendon, recent reports indicate that Rendon has resumed hitting off a tee, marking a crucial step in his recovery journey from a bone bruise. This update, the first substantial one since his injury on July 4, brings hope to Angels fans and the organization alike.

Rendon, who has struggled with injuries during his tenure with the Angels, has yet to complete a full season with the franchise, playing in no more than 60 games in any single year. In the current 2023 season, the seasoned third baseman has participated in 43 games, where he posted a batting average of .236 and an OPS of .678, with just two home runs to his name. A stark contrast to his remarkable 2019 season with the Washington Nationals, where he boasted an impressive 1.010 OPS and smashed 34 home runs. Since joining the Angels, Rendon’s power at the plate has diminished, with no more than 10 home runs in any single season.

A recent incident added a touch of intrigue to Rendon’s injury saga when he opted for a creative strategy to avoid reporters’ inquiries about his lingering injury. Communicating in Spanish, he informed them that he could not speak English, leaving many curious about the extent of his recovery.

Initially placed on the injured list on July 14 due to a bone bruise in his left shin, Rendon is now eligible to return from the IL, with the target date set for Saturday. However, there remains uncertainty regarding his return for the remainder of the season. Given the Los Angeles Angels’ daunting 13-game deficit in the AL Wild Card race, their playoff aspirations have been all but dashed. Understandably, the team is unlikely to rush back their $245 million-dollar investment. Looking ahead to the 2026 season, the Angels are keen on having Rendon back to full health, recognizing his pivotal role in their lineup.

As the recovery process unfolds, all eyes will be on Anthony Rendon’s progress, with Angels fans hopeful for his swift return to action and the team’s fortunes potentially turning around in the seasons to come.

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