Los Angeles Angels Use Body Double for Shohei Ohtani in Team Photo

Ohtani's absence from the Angels' photo session raises questions amid injuries and team struggles

In a surprising turn of events, the Los Angeles Angels made headlines during their recent photo day session. The team, facing a challenging season, opted to employ a body double for their biggest star, Shohei Ohtani. This decision, coupled with Ohtani’s ongoing injuries, has left fans and analysts scratching their heads.

The Angels’ photo day, a long-standing tradition in baseball, took an unexpected twist as they chose not to wait for Ohtani to take the picture. Instead, they utilized a body double, intending to use photoshop wizardry to insert Ohtani’s face into the team photo. This unconventional move has raised eyebrows across the baseball community.

While the exact reason for Ohtani’s absence from the photo remains unclear, speculation points to his two significant injuries. Ohtani has been grappling with a torn UCL, an injury that would have ended his season two weeks ago if he were solely a starting pitcher. The upcoming offseason promises some medical procedures for Ohtani, and he fervently hopes to avoid his second Tommy John surgery. Nevertheless, even if surgery is required, he plans to continue contributing as a designated hitter for his team.

Adding to the intrigue, Monday saw the Angels scratch Ohtani from the lineup due to an oblique injury. It is highly likely that while the team gathered for the photo, Ohtani was undergoing treatment for his right oblique. The question arises as to why the Angels did not postpone the photo session until their star player was available.

The Angels’ decision to proceed without Ohtani in the team picture adds another layer to a season filled with questionable choices. With their playoff chances hanging by a thread, the Angels made several moves at the trading deadline, acquiring new players who failed to improve their performance. Just last week, they placed six players on waivers in an effort to lower their payroll and avoid exceeding the luxury tax threshold. The decision not to wait for Ohtani for their team photo is the latest incident causing amusement and bewilderment among baseball enthusiasts.

As the season unfolds, the Angels’ actions continue to perplex observers. Ohtani’s absence from the team photo serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges and controversies surrounding this storied franchise.

Gary Lee

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