Angels Considering Release of Anthony Rendon Amid Ongoing Injury Woes

Struggles and Injuries Plague Anthony Rendon's Time with Angels

Since his arrival with the Angels back in 2020, the journey alongside Anthony Rendon has proven to be less than joyful for the organization. A significant amount of money was invested to bring him on board, with the hope that he could complete their puzzle. However, his presence has remained elusive.

Throughout his time with the Halos, Rendon’s participation has been marred by various injuries, preventing him from surpassing 58 games in any given season. This recurring issue has cast a shadow on the team’s performance. Once again, the looming possibility of a season-ending injury hangs over him, potentially contributing to the team’s failure to reach the postseason.

It’s important to note that while the Angels’ challenges extend beyond Rendon, his contributions haven’t exactly provided a boost.

Despite a multi-season financial commitment to Rendon, the organization may contemplate severing ties with him during the upcoming offseason, despite the financial repercussions this might entail. This perspective gains support from baseball writer Bob Nightengale of USA Today, who proposes that cutting ties with Rendon might be a strategic move to avoid future complications.

The current season was anticipated to offer a change of pace for Rendon. However, his struggles have persisted.

Participating in merely 43 games, Rendon’s performance has been lackluster, with a batting average of .236, two home runs, and 22 runs batted in. The disparity between his compensation and his on-field contributions is glaring, painting a picture of a player who’s far from the superstar status he’s being paid for.

“Rendon, who received a seven-year, $245 million contract with the Angels, will have missed 338 games in the past three full seasons if he doesn’t return this year. That’s $71.5 million paid for games that Rendon has not played. The Angels could simply release him.”

Per Bob Nightengale of USA Today

The frustration likely runs deep for Rendon, as recurring injuries have confined him to the sidelines rather than the field alongside his teammates. It’s crucial to acknowledge that his injuries aren’t a result of personal negligence, yet they undeniably impact the team’s dynamics.

The Angels had structured their team around the assumption of Rendon’s consistent presence. Regardless of fault, his absence has disrupted the team’s strategic planning. As the offseason approaches, the Angels find themselves confronted with critical decisions, beginning with the enigmatic future of Anthony Rendon.

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