MLB Call-Ups: Angels Fill Roster with Six New Players Including Top Prospect

Los Angeles Angels make strategic roster moves after recent setbacks

September 1 marks an important day in Major League Baseball (MLB) when rosters are expanded by two spots to 28 players. However, for the Los Angeles Angels, this year’s September 1 call-ups held even greater significance. Following the loss of five players on waivers and the acknowledgment that the current season’s prospects were limited, the Angels found themselves with numerous vacancies to fill within their active roster.

One of the anticipated moves involved the promotion of the team’s sixth-ranked prospect from the Double-A league, a decision that is explored further in this coverage. Yet, this particular call-up was just a piece of the puzzle, as multiple roster adjustments were in the works for the team entering September. The Angels executed an array of promotions on Friday, introducing a total of six players to their roster: RHP Jimmy Herget, LHP Kolton Ingram, RHP Gerardo Reyes, INF Michael Stefanic, RHP Andrew Wantz, and notably, INF Kyren Paris.

The MLB journey for Jimmy Herget has been marked by ups and downs throughout the year. His most recent appearance on August 19 at the major league level showcased his skills, contributing to his overall 5.82 ERA in 17 appearances this season.

Kolton Ingram, on the other hand, saw limited action with only two appearances in June at the MLB level. Unfortunately, his performances resulted in a 15.43 ERA after conceding four earned runs in 2.1 innings.

Gerardo Reyes, who has already made five appearances for the Halos this season, found himself on the mound four times in July. Over the course of the year, his performance yielded a 6.75 ERA, reflecting the challenges he faced.

Andrew Wantz had a series of appearances with the Halos, amounting to 15 games this season. Notably, his last game was played at the end of June, culminating in a 4.56 ERA with 23.2 innings pitched.

Michael Stefanic contributed to the team with 11 appearances this season, although his batting average stood at .190. He managed to secure one extra-base hit and drove in three runs.

A remarkable addition to the Angels’ roster is Kyren Paris, who seamlessly transitioned from Double-A. With 14 home runs and an impressive OPS of .810 achieved in 113 games, Paris also showcased his exceptional speed with 44 stolen bases. As these players step onto the field, they are collectively auditioning for spots in the upcoming year’s big league roster, whether with the Angels or another team. The strategic moves by the Angels aim to reinforce their lineup and gear up for the challenges ahead.

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