Angels Contemplate Six-Man Rotation Amidst Ohtani’s Pitching Break and Roster Shuffle

Team faces uncertainties with Ohtani's absence, trade deadline waivers, and injuries

The latest updates surrounding the Los Angeles Angels have brought a mix of changes and uncertainties. Despite the announcement that the two-way star Shohei Ohtani will no longer pitch for the rest of the season, the Angels are considering maintaining their six-man rotation strategy.

However, the team’s commitment to this approach is yet to be confirmed, particularly given the recent development that they are placing all the players they acquired at the trade deadline on waivers this week. Among these players, Lucas Giolito, who was a key part of the rotation, is anticipated to be claimed by another team.

Before the news of placing players on waivers surfaced, Manager Phil Nevin discussed the potential of moving forward with a six-man rotation. The landscape has shifted with Ohtani sidelined, Giolito’s status uncertain due to waivers, and starter Chase Silseth placed on the injured list following a concerning head injury.

The Angels find themselves facing a degree of uncertainty. While they still possess ample options to fill out their rotation, the number of starters could potentially be reduced to five. The challenge lies in navigating this situation as the season reaches its crucial stages.

Starter Patrick Sandoval expressed his openness to pitching with four days of rest for the remainder of the year. Considering their current playoff outlook, which hinges on unlikely events, the Angels are positioned to assess the potential within their roster players.

“Yeah, that’s a possibility,” Manager Phil Nevin said. “Right now we have six guys we want to see start, too.”

Per The OC Register

With upcoming roster expansions, the team has an opportunity to grant younger players a chance at the big-league level. This shift aligns with their approach of discovering the strengths and capabilities of the talent within their ranks.

“I liked it a lot better,” Sandoval said. “I feel like my body recovered pretty well. It feels weird to say but maybe more time makes me feel a little too good in between, so I throw a little bit more and then by the start day I’m not as fresh.”

Per The OC Register

In summary, the Los Angeles Angels find themselves at a crossroads. The decision to uphold a six-man rotation strategy in the absence of Ohtani’s pitching, coupled with the implications of trade deadline waivers and injuries, adds layers of complexity to their season. As they tread carefully through these challenges, the Angels aim to strike a balance between maintaining their competitive edge and nurturing emerging talents.

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