Shohei Ohtani’s Future Uncertain After UCL Tear: Can He Maintain Elite Performance?

Former Angels Coach Optimistic About Ohtani's Dual Role Abilities Despite Injury

With Shohei Ohtani’s UCL tear, the possibility of him returning as a starting pitcher is in question. The extent of the injury and potential treatment remain unknown, leaving his future on the mound uncertain.

Nonetheless, Ohtani’s history showcases his resilience in the face of challenges. This isn’t his first encounter with Tommy John surgery. Back in 2018, at the age of 29, he underwent the procedure, and his subsequent journey became a well-known tale.

One certain change on the horizon pertains to how teams will approach Ohtani in free agency. A significant voice in the discussion is former Angels hitting coach Jeremy Reed. In a conversation with The Athletic’s Levi Weaver and Ken Rosenthal, Reed opined that Ohtani excels when he balances both pitching and hitting. Reed remains optimistic that Ohtani can continue performing at an elite level in both domains. Despite the injury setback on August 23, Ohtani’s offensive performance remains noteworthy. With a batting average of .285, five walks, two stolen bases, three doubles, and a triple, his productivity persists. Remarkably, Ohtani’s on-field contributions remain substantial despite the potential career-threatening injury. Reed emphasized that focusing solely on one aspect of the game can lead to a decline in performance. Simultaneously managing both roles allows Ohtani to thrive holistically.

“I really believe in my heart it makes him better to do both,” Reed said. “(But) I have a completely different perspective on him now. This guy is a totally different player. He is relentless with getting better. He has tightened up some holes.”

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“He understands what people are trying to do to him,” Reed said. “That’s not mechanical stuff. That’s more just him growing in the game. The maturity he has in his at-bats now have shown that the guy could hit 50-60 home runs year in and year out. I don’t think he’ll slow down. I don’t think this will put a hindrance on his offensive production one bit.”

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Rosenthal and Weaver shared a perspective on Ohtani’s potential path to reclaiming his elite pitching status. They pondered whether taking a hiatus during the 2024 season to concentrate on rehabilitation could be the most effective route for his pitching return. Reed, on the other hand, holds the belief that Ohtani can successfully manage both roles, showcasing his abilities on the mound and at the plate.

“We’ve seen him do one. When he was hurt, he just hit,” Reed said in 2021. “When Shohei thinks about two things, he doesn’t think about one thing. He’s so detail-oriented, that detail can turn into a single-minded, ‘want-to-be-great’ thing. When he dedicates his time throughout the day to, ‘I’ve got to do this, this and this’ to be ready to play, I think there is less focus on one thing to be great and he’s great at both.”

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In summary, Shohei Ohtani’s baseball future hangs in the balance due to his UCL tear. The outcome of his injury and subsequent choices will shape his return to the game. While uncertainties linger, the optimism surrounding his dual role capabilities, voiced by former coach Jeremy Reed, adds a promising dimension to Ohtani’s journey.

“He’ll use his rehab as that exit. When the bat is not going well, he’ll compartmentalize like that,” Reed said. “It’s hard to compare. He’s not even close to the same hitter he was in ‘19. I don’t know why certain teams even pitch to him at certain times now. It’s crazy how much he can change a game with one swing of the bat, one plate appearance. I don’t think he’s going to waver.”

(Via The Athletic)

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