Anthony Rendon’s Troubled Angels Tenure: A Contract on Thin Ice

Injury woes and strained relations mar Anthony Rendon's time with the Angels

Slated to join the 60-day injured list, Anthony Rendon’s path on the field for the Angels remains dim until September at the earliest. Unfortunately, Rendon’s stint with the Halos seems to be a series of misfortunes, leaving much to be desired beyond his financial gains.

A former World Series champion during his time in Washington D.C, Rendon’s transition to Anaheim has seen him grappling with yet another injury-prone season. Critics argue that this has added another year of disappointment to what has been termed one of baseball’s most unfavorable contracts. Drawing comparisons to Miguel Cabrera and Stephen Strasburg seems justified, given Rendon’s ineffective performance in contrast to Cabrera’s achievements and Strasburg’s injury history.

But since the beginning of 2021, Rendon has appeared in just 148 games, batting .235 and slugging .364. During that same time, Miguel Cabrera has batted .255 and slugged .351 while appearing in 312 games. So, Rendon has spent roughly two-thirds of the past three seasons on the IL, and on the off chance he isn’t injured, has merely produced at a well-past-his-prime Miggy level. All while making so much money that the Angels might not be able to re-sign their once in a lifetime superstar this offseason. That is brutal.

via Kerry Miller, Bleacher Report

However, it’s not just on the field where Rendon’s journey deviates from the norm. His attitude towards the team and his complex interactions with the media set this contract apart from its counterparts.

Miguel Cabrera’s legacy includes two MVP awards and a Triple Crown title with the Tigers, leading his team to a World Series appearance. Stephen Strasburg, acclaimed for his contributions to the Nationals’ historic 2019 World Series win, showcases a stark comparison against Rendon’s role as a hitter.

In stark contrast to his former teammate Strasburg’s accomplishments, Rendon’s time with the Angels has been marked by significant shortcomings both on and off the field. Despite his earnings aligning him with some of the game’s finest, Rendon’s performance has fallen short of that standard. His transfer to Anaheim, another attempt at a seasoned acquisition by Arte Moreno and the organization, has yet to yield the desired results.

The intersection of injuries, underperformance, and strained relations presents a complex narrative around Rendon’s Angels journey. As the season unfolds, the uncertainties surrounding his impact continue to play a significant role in shaping the narrative of his time with the team.

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