Los Angeles Angels Drop in MLB Power Rankings Amid Struggles

Halos Fall to 20th Place in Latest MLB Power Rankings

The Los Angeles Angels find themselves in a challenging position, and their struggle is evident in the latest MLB Power Rankings.

Plummeting by a total of eight spots, the Halos now sit at the 20th position according to This shift occurs just 11 days after highlighted them as the most significant mover in the rankings following the trade deadline.

What triggered this abrupt decline in the rankings?

The notable addition of Lucas Giolito at the trade deadline was anticipated to bring an All-Star caliber starting pitcher, albeit at a substantial cost. However, the outcome has been far from ideal, as Giolito’s performance over three starts has resulted in a 9 ERA and a -0.4 WAR in a mere 15 innings.

This struggle, coupled with the challenges faced by the existing pitchers within the clubhouse, propelled the Angels into a difficult start, leading to a seven-game losing streak post-deadline.

While this challenging period has shown slight signs of improvement, the Anaheim team remains slightly below .500 with a 59-60 record. Moreover, they are positioned 6.5 games behind the final Wild Card spot in the American League.

Amid these trials, is there a glimmer of hope for the Angels this season?

The current bright spot for the Halos centers around Carlos Estevez, the team’s All-Star closer, who appears to have returned to form after encountering setbacks in his first two save opportunities of the season.

As adjustments are made and the potential return of Logan O’Hoppe and Mike Trout looms in the coming weeks, the struggling rotation might benefit from much-needed run support.

With teams like the Yankees and Red Sox maintaining a .500 record over their last 10 games, the Angels face the challenge of assembling a few successful weeks to keep a Wild Card spot within their reach. As they navigate these hurdles, the Los Angeles Angels‘ journey through the MLB season remains a compelling narrative to watch.

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