Angels’ Zach Neto Faces Setback with Inflammation

Rookie Shortstop's Return Cut Short Due to Injury

The Angels have been grappling with injuries more than any other team this season, and their key contributors seem to be caught in the crossfire.

Rookie shortstop Zach Neto displayed remarkable resilience by making a swift return from the injured list. Unfortunately, his comeback was cut short due to an unexpected setback involving inflammation in his back, forcing him to endure additional time off the field. To his dismay, Neto soon found himself back on the injured list.

Initial hopes of a brief stint on the injured list have been dashed as the situation takes an unexpected turn. Angels’ manager Phil Nevin shed light on the circumstances, stating that efforts are being made to address the issue promptly. Regrettably, the inflammation has posed a significant challenge, and Neto’s absence is expected to extend over a few weeks.

Throughout his first year in Anaheim, Neto had been a standout performer, boasting a batting average of .241, an on-base percentage of .315, and a slugging percentage of .411. His contributions included eight home runs and 30 RBIs, reflecting an impressive debut season. However, the setback has forced Neto to return to the injured list for the second time this year, with no clear indication of his return date.

The Angels’ fervent hope is that Neto can recuperate and rejoin the team’s lineup before the season concludes. A fully healthy lineup remains a priority for the Angels as they navigate the challenges of the season.

Yet, for the time being, Neto finds himself sidelined once again, leaving the Angels without the presence of their breakout young shortstop. The team grapples with the impact of his absence as they continue to strive for success in a demanding season. The Angels are eager to see Neto make a triumphant return and contribute to their efforts as they navigate the remainder of the season.

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