Former Angels Pitcher Jacob Webb Joins Baltimore Orioles on Playoff Journey

Jacob Webb Joins Baltimore Orioles After Stint with Angels, Eyeing Playoff Opportunity

After delivering his last pitch for the Angels on August 4th, pitcher Jacob Webb found himself transitioning to a playoff-bound team.

The Baltimore Orioles have claimed former Angels pitcher Jacob Webb off waivers. This decision comes in the wake of Webb being designated for assignment by the Angels on August 5th, following his participation in two games that resulted in conceding three runs.

A mere two days elapsed before the Orioles seized the opportunity to acquire Webb on Monday. This marks Webb’s third team within his four-year career, and notably, his second team in this calendar year.

During his tenure with the Angels, Webb experienced a mix of successes and challenges, culminating in an ERA slightly below 4 across his 29-game involvement with the team. Prior to his stint with the Angels, Webb enjoyed a triumphant run spanning three seasons with the Braves. From 2019 to 2020, his ERA stood at under 1, and he achieved an impressive 38/17 strikeout-to-walk ratio. However, the 2021 season marked a shift, as he concluded with an ERA surpassing 4.

Now positioned on the east coast with the Orioles, Webb is determined to realign his statistics. In his current phase, he has been designated to the Orioles’ minor leagues, aiming to secure a spot within the team’s bullpen.

The Orioles boast one of baseball’s premier bullpens, anchored by standouts Yennier Cano and Felix Bautista. If Webb successfully integrates into Baltimore’s roster, his role may predominantly revolve around early-game relief.

Webb’s journey promises the prospect of participating in playoff games once more, reminiscent of his earlier experiences with the Braves. As he embarks on this fresh chapter with the Baltimore Orioles, Webb embraces the opportunity to contribute to their playoff aspirations.

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